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This way if someone was to move through your garden, the lights would sound the alarm. Burglars do not like alarms and they will normally leave the area the instant they hear an alarm sounding. To avoid false alarms generated by neighbours cats adjust the detector sensitivity to only react to a large object. Garage and Carport LightsIf you own a garage, you should always consider installing an automatic garage opener and garage lighting. Once the doors are activated they can also automatically turn on the garage or drive lights. This will prevent anyone hiding inside or near to your garage and planning to surprise you when you exit the car.

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This means if you decide to cancel and your under contract you can do so at no cost as long as you keep home phone, internet or cable tv.

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Additionally, you will only need indoor cameras versus outdoor and doorbell cameras in most cases.

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And with their optional video surveillance features, you can even see what's going on as well.