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Geotracking works similar to the handsfree feature. When geotracking is included with your home security system, it works with the GPS feature on your smartphone, as long as you have the location services enabled. This feature will detect your location as long as you have your phone with you and you can preset rules as to how you want to use that feature. You can lock/unlock your door, arm/disarm your security system, turn your lights on or off, set the preferred temperature on your thermostat so it’s comfortable when you arrive. You can even preset it to close your garage door if you forget and it will do so once you’ve traveled beyond a certain range. You will probably want good security cameras and/or doorbell cameras so you can see who’s coming and going, as well as what’s happening in and around your home at all times.

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You only pay a $99 installation fee and purchase alarm monitoring services.

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They follow the rules due to fear of discovery and subsequent punishment.

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One downside to Scout Alarm is that you must pay a monthly fee $9.

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84MSRPLiveWatch Plug and Protect IQ 2.